The Bulleted Library Technician

About Me

Why “the bulleted” librarian / library technician? Well, all the good “the x librarian” blog names are already gone!  And as many people know, I really like to organize information in bullet points, tables, etc.  But “the tabled librarian” didn’t sound that great.

Oh, and although I haven’t shot a gun in about a decade, I do support our Second Amendment rights.  Shooting guns, like shooting arrows, is a very egalitarian sport (men and women of most ages and sizes, even those in wheelchairs, can compete.)  Check out the US Olympic Shooting Team.

I met my first husband when we were both on the college shooting team (we used air rifles, with little pellets — just one step up from BB guns, really.)  And many of the men in my family have been hunters, although personally I prefer to shoot animals with a camera rather than a gun.

Why is my blog URL “librarian” but my title “library technician?” Well, I am currently working as a library technician, but I am pursuing my Masters in Library & Information Science so I can become a “real librarian.”  So once I finish my degree, I’ll change the title (and no one else will have taken the cool URL.)    🙂


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