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August 18, 2008

Enhancing Productivity with Web 2.0

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My notes from a presentation I attended at the Nevada Library Association (NLA) Conference on Friday August 15, 2008.   Presentation title:  “Enhancing Productivity with Web 2.0.”

Presenter:  Janie L. Hermann, Technology Trainer at Princeton Public Library in Princeton, NJ.  She is a co-author of the LibraryGarden blog and the Talking Technology blog.  She is a very engaging speaker, with a cute Canadian accent.  Now I have to look up some words that either she pronounced “the Canadian way” or I simply don’t know how to pronounce properly!  (You know how it is, when you are familiar with a word in print but you’ve never heard it aloud — you don’t always have the right pronunciation in your head….) 

Web 1.0 was the first iteration of the Internet.  Basically, only those who “know the code” (HTML) can contribute.  Everyone else just reads.  Mostly static pages (not many updates/changes.)

Web 2.0 is not a whole new Internet, it’s just a trend toward more interactive web sites.  Anyone can contribute, it’s easy, no special code needed.  We can all write often, have conversations, etc.

Free web sites to try:

  • HitMeLater = resends an email at a later date so you can remember (it won’t get buried in your inbox)
  • MemJog = will send text message to your phone to remind you.  send on any date you choose.  set up recurring reminders.
  • WakerUpper = a wake-up call to your phone.  you go to the website, type in a message (150 characters) and it translates it to voice, calls you at the date & time you specify.
  • DemoGirl = a blog that tours new web tools, with screen casts.
  • MonkeySee = experts in various topics post short how-to videos.
  • Delicious = store your bookmarks online.  you can use multiple “tags” for each bookmark instead of hiding them in a single folder like browser favorites (I’ve been using this for over a year, I love it!  see my bookmarks here)
  • Flickr = store your photos online.  other users can add comments.  good place to search for images, too.  (Another one I’ve been using, it’s great.  see my photos here)
  • Zamzar = file conversion.  lots of options for word processing files, image files, audio files, etc.  (Another one I’ve been using, and recommending to my patrons.)
  • Picnik = image editing in your browser (nothing to download.)  works inside Flickr, too.  most of the useful functions are free, you can pay to get some extra functions.  Princeton Public Library offers classes in online photo editing.
  • FlickrCC = search Creative Commons images on Flickr.  yes, flickr has it’s own search feature, but this one is better.  great way to find free images to use in presentations.
  • Doodle = to try to find a meeting time that works for everyone.  you go to the web site and input some dates and times, then use your private email system to send the URL to the invitees (so the Doodle folks do not see everyone’s email addresses.)  each invitee then marks each time yes or no, and the results are tallied and sent to you. 
  • Jott = call a toll free number, tell it something, it gets transcribed and sent to you or someone else via text message or email (the email version includes a button to click to hear your voice.)  good for reminders, to-do-lists — can even dictate postings to your WordPress blog!
  • TaDa List = to-do-lists, can share via RSS, save for later.
  • Send U It and You Send It = to send large files to one or more people without jamming up your email inboxes (you simply send a private URL that they click on to retrieve the file.)  On SendUIt, you can set an expiration time (30 minutes to 1 week.)
  • SlideShare = basically it’s YouTube for PowerPoint.  Great place for professional development (see the presentations of experts, whether or not you can attend the conference)  I checked this out a few months ago, it’s pretty cool.  And now it can record your voice as you present you slides!  See Janie Hermann’s presentations here.
  • FileHippo = safe place to download software (shareware / freeware.)

How to find out about all the cool new Web 2.0 stuff:


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